Our organizational purpose is to offer networking, continuing education, career advancement advice and employment opportunities for PAs and to offer additional education for PA students in accredited PA programs as well as shadowing opportunities for potential PA student candidates.

July 8th, 2017

Anniversary Lunch

Gringo's 12348 Gulf Fwy


President/CEO, Founder and Co-Director of Education: 

Kristine McCluskey, MHS, PA (ASCP)

Director of Communications:

Meredith Perez, MHS, PA (ASCP)

Director of Finance:

James McCluskey, MHS, PA (ASCP)

Co-Director of Education:

Denis Akim, BHS, PA (ASCP)

Director of Social Events and CME officer:

Chelsea Graun, MHS, PA (ASCP)

Director of Sponsorship:

Francesca Daher, MHS, PA (ASCP)

PR committee:

Karli Dunton, MHS, PA (ASCP) and Jeff Fletes, PA


All-City Anatomic Pathology Symposium

 Oct 19-21, 2017

 @Baylor College of Medicine 

Avantik and StatLab


up to 20 credits for PAs through the ASCP